【2023】Sanrio Characters Popularity Ranking Top 5

Today we will be showing you the top 5 most popular Sanrio characters in 2023.

Sanrio characters are among the most popular among the products we carry.
They are loved by a wide range of people, especially children, worldwide.

Here are the top 5 most popular in Japan, along with trivia about the characters’ personalities and hobbies!

No.1「 Cinnamoroll 」

Sanrio Characters

The first place in the popularity ranking was awarded to 『Cinnamoroll』!!

A white puppy boy born on a cloud in the distant sky。
One day, a woman from “Cafe Cinnamon” found her as she was flying in from the sky, and they decided to move in together.
He is named “Cinnamon” because his tail curls up like a cinnamon roll. He is the signature dog of the café.

・Debut year … . 2002 (the year the first goods were released)
Birthday… March 6
Personality… Quiet, but very friendly
Hobbies… Napping on the terrace of a Cafe
Special ability… Flapping her big ears and flying.
Favorite food… Cinnamon rolls, a specialty at Cafe Cinnamon
Dream… To become a chef at a restaurant and make everyone happy.

No.2「 Pompompurin 」

Sanrio Characters

The second place in the popularity ranking is 『Pompompurin』!

A golden retriever boy whose trademark is a dark brown beret.

She is a laid-back person, and her favorite word is “outing” and her least favorite word is “orusuban”.
Her home is her owner’s sister’s pudding basket at the entrance of their house.

Debut year… 1996
Date of birth… April 16th, a fine day
・Personality… Laid-back and slow-paced
Hobbies… Collecting shoes
・Specialties… Napping, pudding exercises, and making friends with anyone
Favorite food… Pudding made by my mom, milk, squishy things
Dream… To be bigger and bigger.

No.3「 Kuromi 」

Sanrio Characters

The third place in the popularity ranking is 『Kuromi』!

Self-proclaimed rival of My Melody. She loves handsome men.
Her black hood and pink skull are her charms.

Recently, she is addicted to romance novels. Her favorite color is black.

Kromi is the leader of Kromies 5, which consists of Nyanmi, Wanmi, Chuumi, and Konmi. They love “Boom Boom Drive,” a tricycle blast.

Debut year …. 2005
・Date of birth… October 31
・Personality… Virginal!
・Hobbies… Keeping a diary
・Favorite food… Japanese leek

No.4「 Pochacco 」

Sanrio Characters

The fourth place in the popularity ranking is 『Pochacco』!

A canine boy who loves to go for a more leisurely stroll.
He was born in Uguisu Yokocho on the outskirts of Fluffy Town.

His height is equivalent to four large cups of his favorite banana ice cream.
His weight is equivalent to three ghost carrots that are occasionally caught in the carrot fields of Fluffy Town.

・Debut year…. 1989
・Birthday… February 29 (born in a leap year)
・Personality… Curious, nosy, and a little bit nosy
・Favorite food… Banana ice cream

No.5「 Hello Kitty 」

The fifth most popular ranking is 『Hello Kitty』!

Height is 5 apples. Her weight is 3 apples. She is a cheerful and kind girl.
She loves to bake cookies and play the piano.

She is good friends with her twin sister Mimmy.

・Debut year …. 1974 (the year the design was created)
・Date of birth… November 1st
・Personality… Bright and gentle
・Treasures… Fairy Tale Book, Album of Memories, Key found in the forest
・Specialties… Music and English (my favorite subject)
・Favorite food… Apple pie made by my mom
・Dream… To be a pianist or a poet.


In this issue, we have introduced the top 5 most popular Sanrio characters and trivia about them.

All of the characters had their own personalities and were all adorable, regardless of their ranking order! I can see why they are so popular.

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See you next time!

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