Wholesale of SKJAPAN goods (Plushies and other products)


We have many overseas customers selling Japanese KAWAII goods. And nowadays we receive many inquiries from those customers asking how they can get SKJAPAN items.




These products are very popular to our buyers who sell AMUSE goods (ALPACASSO, MAMESHIBA, etc.). Just like AMUSE, SKJAPAN is also specialized in prize products (the ones that are not for sale but are used as prize goods of “UFO catcher machine”).

We have many customers who eventually contacted us as their last resort. Some of them had been looking for the item they saw without knowing it was from SKJAPAN, or who have been selling AMUSE but was looking for some other brands and found SKJAPAN but had no idea on which supplier they should contact.

Since SKJAPAN is a ‘Prize goods’ maker, they offer incomparable cuteness at affordable unit price, which is making their products increasingly cool and popular.



If you wish to know more details about many other original characters from SKJAPAN, or if you are planning to import SKJAPAN items, please feel free to contact us anytime.


You can inquire us at here.


SKJAPAN Official Website



  • Aruna Avants

    Would like to open an wholesale account with your company

    • Hello.
      Thank you for your comment!
      Since your contact information was not listed, could you please contact us through our contact form.
      Thank you.

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