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Privacy Policy

This website shows you the description of our business and some information offered by MUSUVI INC.

Privacy Policy

We decide on and drive our privacy policy as follows, building the structure of the privacy policy, ensuring all the personnel are thorough in the importance of recognition and initiative of the privacy policy.

Management of Private Information

Our company will strictly manage private information, keeping our customers' private information accurate and up-to-date, by devising necessary measures such as maintaining a security system, the equipment of the management system, and educating our staff, to prevent unlawful access to private information, loss, damage, manipulation or leakage by implementing safety measures.

Purpose of Use of Private Information

Customers might have to register their private information such as names, e-mail addresses, and phone numbers in our website, when they contact us. We promise that we would never use this private information for other purposes. We will use our customers' received private information when we contact our customers through e-mail or the postal service to offer some guidance of our business or for responding to the customers' inquiry.

Prohibition of Release and Offer of Private Information to the Outsiders

We will manage private information that we receive properly and will never release to outsiders, except:

・when we have permission from the customer.

・when we have to release it to the professionals in which we entrust our services for our customer in order to use such service.

・when it is necessary based upon the law.

Personal Reference

If the customer desires to inquire, revise, or delete his/her private information, we will deal with it accordingly after we positively identify the customer.

Obedience and Reconsideration of the Laws and the Rules

We will properly reconsider and improve the content of this policy as well as obey the laws of Japan and other rules applied to the private information we maintain.

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Please contact us as below if you have any questions about the management of our private information policy.

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